Friday, November 10, 2006

Orrin Woodward's Top Economics Books

Gather Around Everyone! I have requested and received Orrin Woodward's recommended economics books reading list. Orrin has read 1000's of books and I asked him to give a list and review of his top economics books for others to read. Here is the list.

The top economic books that shaped my thinking the most are:

Wealth of Nations – Adam Smith. This is the classic text on free enterprise economics and still one if not the best. Adam Smith shaped the minds of many of the founding fathers in our country.

Human Action – Ludwig Von Mises. This is the magnum opus from the best of the Austrian school economist. No economist I have read takes complex thoughts and describes as clearly as Mr. Mises.

Making of Modern Economics – Mark Skousen. The best basic primer on economic thought as well as the historic figures of economics. One of the first books I would recommend to anyone interested in economics.

Road to Serfdom – F. A. Hayek. This chilling book was written in the midst of WWII and is as relevant today as the day it was written, perhaps more so. Mr. Hayek stood on principles against an army of socialist thinkers describing what happens to freedom when economic liberties are taken lightly.

Economy in Mind – Warren Brookes. For a first rate discussion on how wealth is more a matter of mind than material I highly recommend this book. Mr. Brookes was an entrepreneur himself and had a gift of describing how the economy works through mental learning. An enjoyable read for anyone striving to be a top rate entrepreneur.

Religion and Capitalism, Allies Not Enemies – Edmund Opitz. No book better describes the economics of the Bible in laymen’s language than this one. Every concerned American should read and master the material in this book.

Change Makers – Murray Klein. This book is more of an overview of the role of entrepreneurs in stimulating growth in the economy. Where would America be without its great legacy of entrepreneurship? An exciting read for every would be entrepreneur.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Orrin Woodward Empowering Beliefs

In a recent speech to business owners in Kansas, Orrin Woodward told the audience that, "Wealth comes from proper thinking. The biggest thing I do as a leader is help people attack their limiting beliefs. Most people develop habits based upon limiting beliefs, and then live for years without questioning those original beliefs, forcing themselves to live with the results of those habits. Changing the results is a matter of changing the thinking."

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Orrin Woodward's new DVD "Lung Busters" Released

The eagerly anticipated DVD "Lung Busters" has been released. Orrin shares his thoughts on limiting beliefs in the humorous rendition of his self talk while swimming lung busters. Orrin has a unique style of driving home points through humor and stories that has catapulted him to the top of the leadership field. Anyone serious about developing as a leader should have a copy of this DVD in their leadership library. Pick up a copy through your local Team representative.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Orrin Woodward and Success

Have you read the book Leading the Consumer Rebellion? Here is a sample of how co-author Orrin Woodward thinks with regards to success.

Orrin Woodward once said at a conference:

"Success begins with making a decision backed by committment. Too many people think they can back into success. It doesn't work that way. Success is planned and deliberate. The good news, though, is that anybody can do it. Committment is available to everyone."