Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Five New Blue Diamonds in One Week

Here is an exciting article from Orrin Woodward on his blog.

Network Community building is one of the noblest professions in the world. Where else do the people with results work personally with the newest people in their business to help the new person achieve success? You will not see the CEO of any company working with all the new hires to help them achieve success in any corporation. Why the difference? To build a large and stable business, the top leaders must focus on rotating the processes, patterns, and systems with the new people at the proper depth points. Nothing motivates the upline to change as much as an exploding downline group. Top leaders understand that depth is not an option, but is essential for big numbers and residual income.

I am a believer in the whole Networking Industry and I offer these articles in a spirit of serving the greater community. If depth is the key to long-term results, then make sure you are part of a business that will reward depth building. Many of the oldest Amway type multilevel plans do not reward depth. You can be a diamond and break two diamond legs and receive practically no more money. It takes a lot of work to build depth so being rewarded for the efforts is an important point. I love the new generation binary plans. They pay for depth and width in depth. The concept of check matching on your groups bonuses helps ensure that the upline leaders desires to help people make more money. I love win-win and the new generation binary plans are definitely win-win.

There is a 5-Step pattern that the Team utilizes to rotate the pattern in depth.

1. Make a List
2. Contact
3. Show the Plan – Start the Process
4. Follow Through
5. Get Started
A. Customer
B. Distributor

You can achieve any level in Networking that you are willing to work for by clearly defining why you are building your network community and making a commitment to do the work. After that, it is rotate the 5-step pattern in depth until you accomplish your goals and dreams. Once accomplished, the next step is to get a bigger dream and set another goal. In life, you are either growing to ripe, ripe or rotting. Don’t ever get to ripe. There is always another gear and it is your responsibility to find it. Read, listen, think, pray, serve and grow! The Team training is an all purpose training and leadership organization designed to help people build large and loyal organizations. We are nearing 100,000 strong distributors with a goal of surpassing one million. But I don’t mean one million in our organization. I mean one million attending events and developing personally into the best leader that they can become.

What are you doing in life? Are you living life with a specific intent or are you a wandering generality. Too many people live life like they plan on living forever and put off their moment of greatness until it is too late. The Team’s goal is to knock you into reality and help clear the fog from your life. Our stated purpose is to lead people to truth in all areas of their life. There are financial, relational, developmental, spiritual and many more areas of truth. The Team believes that the more truth that you capture and apply in your life, the better prepared you will be for life. We are celebrating the week five more couples that have qualified for the elite Blue Diamond level in our MonaVie network. The average blue diamond income is $466,571/year in income according to the latest Monavie Income Disclosure Statement. We have over triple the amount of qualified Blue Diamonds in MonaVie than we had Diamonds qualifying in Amway. The average income for a Blue Diamond in MonaVie is well over twice the yearly income of the average diamond in Amway. This means we have over three times as many distributors making over twice as much money for an amazing six times the success rate plus! Laurie and I have only been in MonaVie for less than five months so these results will only get better. This is the difference between an organization that rewards the depth builders and an organization that chooses to keep it all for themselves.

I am proud to be in business with Dallin Larsen and believe that his vision of a free independent distributor will win out over any command and control culture. Dallin believes in free enterprise and earning the trust and confidence of the distributors on a daily basis. The future of Network Community building is with free distributors that are served not controlled by the owners of the company. Find a leader with a servant attitude that will earn your confidence and trust. When you find the leader, the products and compensation will take care of themselves by working as a team. Dallin has already announced that he will unveil a new product at the MonaVie International Convention. Let the continuous improvement cycle begin!

I have never been more excited about the future and feel we are on the leading edge of the next wave of networking. We have passed the ‘information age’ and are now entering the ‘conceptual age’. In the ‘conceptual age’, it is not the person with the most information that wins – it is the person that can take the information and develop a conceptual framework that serves the greater communities needs. The Team and MonaVie are building that conceptual framework. In a world filled with cynical news, pessimistic politicians, scared and hurting people – the Team promises to do their part to bring the older way of hope, optimism, faith and trust back into the global community. Remember, if you are going to do the work of rotating the pattern in depth - make sure you get paid what you are worth! God Bless, Orrin Woodward