Saturday, October 29, 2011

Orrin Woodward Scams, Coercion, And Networking-Part 3

In part 3 of Orrin Woodward's piece on Scams, Coercion, and Network Marketing my favorite author points toward results attained by exercising your right to freedom. The "fruit on the tree" if you will! Nothing cements fact like principles applied and success achieved! Here is the proof that your detractors don't know what they are talking about. They simply apply negative so you don't reach a level any higher than their mediocrity. Here are the people who chose to ignore their critics, avoid their coercion, and set free the myth of networking being a scam backed by resluts.

God Bless!
Capt. Bill

Free to Win & Free to Lose

In America, one is free to win, free to lose, and, even free to blame. But unless one is forced against his will, a force that’s necessary for any real scam, one will look silly to blame his loss on anything but his own incompetence. It’s foolish to blame others, who worked harder, applied themselves more, and developed the skills to win. Calling winners names, calling the tournament (profession) a scam, pointing fingers at others, all in an effort to salve a wounded pride. This may take the focus off off his lack of skills temporarily, but it reveals more about the character of the sender of the toxic message than the receiver's character. It seems that ‘passing the buck’ is endemic in today’s society, but one of the goals of the Networking is to teach people personal responsibility. Accepting responsibility is the beginning of all leadership growth. In Networking, unless the person was forced to attend meetings against his will, forced to buy materials without a buy back provision, why is he passing judgment on others for his lack of results? The minute you blame others for your failures is the minute you surrender responsibility for your own life. In the Team, we teach that freedom is a gift and we support your freedom to win, lose or leave, voting with your own feet. The tens of thousands who are part of TEAM, were not coerced into joining, but joined freely by buying into the leadership culture. The TEAM leaders win by serving customers, not controlling them, even offering a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% return policy for any items purchased. No business would be foolish enough to publicly state that, unless they knew that 99.99% plus of their customers were happily served. All reputable Networking companies in our profession offer similar refund policies.

Stephen M.R. Covey is author of the New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust

To me, the most interesting dimension of network market-ing is the focus on building relationships of trust. All parties must be able to trust one an- other, or nothing moves forward. Accountability, transparency and other high-trust behaviors clearly flow out of your character and competence, which in turn help to improve, solidify and create better relationships. Those relationships are powerful fruits that enable you to enjoy greater collaboration, a better reputation and shared accomplishment. When done well, network marketing is the speed of trust in action.

Team - Leadership Development Engine

My friend, John Maxwell, a top selling leadership guru, teaches that everything rises and falls on leadership. In my business ventures, I have focused on improving people’s leadership levels, thus improving their results. The many success stories achieved from this approach boggles the mind. Literally thousands of couples have reduced debts, improved relationships, and freed up their time from the mundane tasks, to focus on the important ones, by applying the principles learned from the TEAM leadership system. Does everyone get wealthy? Of course not, not everyone will discipline themselves daily to achieve that level of success. The key point is that those who do apply themselves, do achieve success. Similarly, those who don’t apply themselves consistently have no right to blame TEAM for their lack of discipline or poor thinking. Dan & Lisa Hawkins, a mechanic and day care provider, Chris & Danae Mattis, a counselor and dance instructor, and Marc & Kristine Miletello, both teachers, to name just a few of the TEAM leaders, all started from different walks of life, but all have achieved success through changing their associations and their thinking. Instead of sharing their stories for them, I let them speak for themselves in the following YouTube videos.

Two of the Top 30 Leaders in the World

The most recent Top 30 list of leadership gurus has Chris Brady, my co-author of the number one Wall Street Journal best seller for two weeks in a row - Launching a Leadership Revolution, and myself as Top 30 Leadership Gurus, making TEAM the only organization in the world with two of the Top 30. Gladwell’s 10,000 hours sure paid off for both Brady and myself. After five years, neither one of us had much success in Networking, but instead of quitting we chose to improve, leading to tens of thousands of satisfied customers. One either hates losing enough to change or one hates changing enough to lose. Brady and I chose to improve, as we hate losing, others may choose quitting, as they hate changing. I support their choices, because I support the freedom to choose. Giving people the freedom to make their own decisions, and the freedom to live with the subsequent results is the American way. If you win, you get the credit, but correspondingly, if you lose, you must take the blame. This is what made America great, and what my parents, along with competitive sports taught me as a young boy. No leader is good enough to make someone win against their will. In the TEAM, we commit to providing the best leadership training available for the dollar invested, but you must commit to the personal growth and the actions necessary to convert the training into results. People like Hawkins, Mattis, and Miletello applied the principles and changed their lives. What you will do, is up to you.

What Scams have I studied to date?

If you found this site looking for my research into the coercion based scams that I have studied so far, here is a partial list to get started.

1. Social Security Scam

2. Fiat Money Scam

3. Tariff Scam

4. Democracy Scam

5. National Bank Scam

6. U.N. Scam

God Bless, Orrin Woodward