Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don Freeze Leading the Consumer Rebellion

The LCR interviewer met for lunch with Don Freeze, one of the most respected and successful business owners on the Team. Don and his lovely bride Chris live a jet-set lifestyle and have built teams across the United States. Don is a former international business consultant who has worked with many of the top automotive companies teaching value engineering. Chris was a comptroller for a Fortune 500 firm. They are now both job optional.

LCR: Don, you were a $3,000/day consultant. What made you give up big money like that to build this business?

Don Freeze: First, I have a new definition of what big money is and $3,000/day is not it. Second, even though I was making decent money, I had to be there in order to be paid. I had the classic “S” business that Robert Kiyosaki discusses in his book. As I studied the marketing plan and looked at Orrin’s commitment, I realized this was my way out of the time-for-money trap.

LCR: Orrin wasn’t the financial success he is today when you first met him. What made you believe that this would work when there were no results?

Don Freeze: I am a business owner. If I had to wait for someone else to succeed before I started, that would put me a couple of years behind them. If I were a farmer, I wouldn’t wait for some other farmer to plant his field and get a harvest before I started planting. Business owners must have faith in their business partners and business plan. I knew Orrin was a hard worker and knew he had previously garnered four patents and a national benchmarking award. You don’t have that type of success without being committed to excellence.

LCR: When did you realize the Team business was something special?

Don Freeze: It was about six months into the business and I was recognized on stage as a new pin winner. I spoke for a couple of minutes and when I was done my son gave me a big hug and said, “Papa, I am proud of you.” No amount of money in the world can replace that special moment. I decided to build this business and give others a chance to win in life.

LCR: What would you tell an “S” business owner that is looking into this opportunity?

Don Freeze: First, I would tell them to go to an Open Meeting. Second, they should meet the Team they will be working with and find someone they relate with. Third, listen to the first 10 CD’s and get familiar with the Team leadership. Don’t use lack of time as an excuse not to do this, because you know it won’t change unless you do something different. Fourth, begin with the end in mind. What goal or dream have you been putting on the backburner due to lack of opportunity? Step out of the stands, get on the field, and take your swing. Wayne Gretzky said, “I miss 100% of the shots I don’t take.” I missed too many shots in my life and I wasn’t letting this one go.

LCR: It seems to have worked out pretty well for you.

Don Freeze: Chris and I are just beginning. We have learned so much by plugging into the right information. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are two of the top leaders in the country right now, and I ought to know, since I worked with top managers of almost every Tier 1 automotive company. Their book, “Launching the Leadership Revolution,” is creating a revolution in how leadership is studied and applied. I am personally implementing these principles and moving on in life and business. The internet is a great technology, one that needs a community of loyal buyers to make it go, and that is what the Team leadership supplies.

LCR: Don thanks for your time today.