Thursday, August 04, 2005

Leading the Consumer Rebellion & Orrin Woodward

The Leading the Consumer Rebellion staff caught up with whirlwind business owner, author, and speaker Orrin Woodward for some questions over dinner.

LCR: Orrin when did you know you were going to be successful in your own business?

Orrin Woodward: It took me longer than most people would think. I believe it was about 18 months into my own business before I had listened to enough tapes, cd’s and read enough books to begin to feel I could do this.

LCR: Why did it take so long? You had already succeeded on your job by having 4 patents by the age of 25, why did you need to listen to cd’s and read books?

Orrin Woodward: Just because you are successful in one area, does not mean you can just pick up and be successful in another. Michael Jordan was the best basketball player, but below average at baseball. I had to develop confidence in my interpersonal skills and that is what the Team system taught me. I am a product of the ideas learned from the combination of the tapes, cd’s, books and seminars I have attended.

LCR: Do you think anyone can have the success you have had?

Orrin Woodward: I believe it is there for anyone to achieve. Yes it is going to be work, but I realized I was going to work hard anyway. I might as well enjoy the results of that work. For the lifestyle that Laurie and I enjoy today, I would have worked twice as hard for twice as long.

LCR: Some people criticize you Orrin for being so successful, arguing that you are successful at other people’s expense. What would you say to that?

Orrin Woodward: I would first of all point out that this line of reasoning is exactly what Karl Marx stated about capitalism in general. Karl said that, “Capitalism is theft.” The whole argument is based upon the premise that someone’s gain is another’s loss. When I buy a book for example I pay money for information. It would be foolish to argue with me that I have wasted thousands of dollars on paper in my library. I did not waste any money, I invested money and my return was in ideas. My gain is the information and the book publisher’s is the money I paid. I traded money for information and then utilize the information to improve myself to benefit more people. This is the abundance mentality way of thinking and this thinking has made the US the greatest nation on earth. Go ask Soviet Union, North Korea, or Cuba how Karl’s ideas are treating them. I gladly bought books, tapes, cd's and went to numerous seminars to learn the ideas of success from the most successful business people.

LCR: That makes sense, this explains why in Leading the Consumer Rebellion you describe the business within the business model.

Orrin Woodward: Absolutely, we have created the Team system to reward anyone who serves others which models the free enterprise system in general. Anyone getting into our business system can be the highest paid based on their performance. In fact when I reviewed our training system to over 10 separate MLM based lawyers, they stated the Team system was more than fair and legal. Our Team leaders wanted to create a system that we would be proud to educate ourselves and our friends with on business principles and profit based on performance.

LCR: Judging by your results and so many on your Team, we would say you have achieved that. Thank you for sharing your time today Orrin.